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Do you know what is the Best Under-counter Ice Maker Machine to purchase for your home purposes?

If so, you can refer to this detailed article to get an answer to your question.

Without the full-size machine requirement, the under-counter ice makers will prepare a large quantity of ice by placing it beneath the countertop. These built-in ice machines will assist the bartenders in getting quality ice without reaching the kitchen to process each order. This establishment is handy where space is limited and unavailable kitchen like a poolside bar requiring ice cubes.

Best under counter ice maker

It is also comfortable to place in your hospitality setting, home, or office to get the overall full-size ice maker. Each day, it can produce around 600 pounds of ice cubes with a full range of requirements and establishments. It can be neatly fit beneath the kitchen top or under a counter. You can find numerous varieties of Undercounter ice machines to produce different ice cubes types and production capacities.

Each day, the ice maker will prepare 80 pounds of ice with large-scale units and 45 pounds with small-scale units. The built-in ice machines can produce clear ice, pearl ice, nugget ice, gourmet ice, and as well as cubed ice. The best ice maker is slim enough at 15 inches and is perfect to replace the older trash compactor. When compared to the standard cabinetry widths, this ice machine is worth using. Some of the under-counter ice machines also come with ADA compliance.

Best Ice Maker Machine Types

Countertop Ice Makers

Countertop ice makers are specially designed for countertop or bar installation. Similar to an under-counter ice machine, it will allow you easy and quick access to ice. This unit can also be utilized for your office purposes as well. Some home-based models will prepare only low ice production and are available across the marketplace. It is suitable for the smallest businesses and never produces enough ice to use. The Countertop ice makers are an ideal option for the wait rooms and office break rooms.

Undercounter Ice Makers

This ice maker will measure height below 41 inches and easily fit within the countertops and bars. It is also self-contained for saving your room space. Without compromising the bar space, the bartenders can get instant access to ice. Each day, the machine will refill the ice basket and not be required to refill the barbacks or under-bar bins.

The Undercounter ice makers can offer the front-out and as well as front-in airflow. They will pull out the air directly from the unit’s front side. It will assist in releasing the hot air and cool down the ice maker. Without any required space, it will easily and quickly cool the machine.

Self-Contained Ice Makers

An ice storage capacity basket is built within the self-contained ice makers. Self-contained specialty units are under-counter and also many countertops. When compared to the modular units, these machines are a little bit smaller in size. It is an ideal choice for any small business to produce around 700 lbs of ice each day.  This all-in-one ice maker is safe and assists in retrieving the ice cubes using a scoop.

Stackable Ice Makers

A stackable ice maker machine is another best method of modular ice machines. It will allow users to install numerous ice makers on top of each one. Instead of purchasing a large ice machine to utilize in a high-volume workspace, you can consider stackable ice machines. Apart from purchasing an expensive larger ice maker, you can simply add another unit to increase your ice cube requirement. This unit will be the best space-saver while utilizing the taller ceilings. However, it is a pain to service and clean the stackable ice makers.

Modular Ice Makers

Modular ice makers are specially designed to produce only ice cubes. It will offer its storage instead, you have to utilize a commercial ice dispenser or an ice bin. These are the common ice maker types available across the online marketplace. You can utilize your businesses by choosing the list of available sizes. For narrow spaces, it is advisable to fit properly with the slim-line modular ice makers. If you have a low ceiling then low-profile ice makers are short enough to fit your businesses.

Best Under-counter Ice Makers 2024

Our Pick: Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker


The Scotsman CU50GA ice machine is another high-quality product specially designed to be used for commercial purposes. This machine is also an ideal option to place beneath any counter within the restaurant or bar. It is an attractive and sleek ice maker along with approved to be utilized for outdoor purposes as well. The unit weighs around 100 lbs and measurements with 35 inches x 22 inches 15 inches in width. The Scotsman ice maker machine is perfectly created using stainless steel material. This ice maker will offer additional features and also be much easier to operate.

Water Quality Sensor: The inbuilt water quality sensor is continually monitored using an integrated sensor. If hard water conditions are sensed, it will automatically remove the minerals after each ice preparation process. Scaling buildup is entirely prevented from reducing the lifespan of the machine and lowering the restaurant-quality ice.

Gourmet Ice Cubes: As per the Under Counter Ice Maker Reviews from the customers, it will create hard & clear gourmet ice cubes. A similar ice kind is also available at a high-end bar or restaurant. It will melt very slowly and is an ideal option for spirits, premium wines, and cocktails. Each ice cube will roughly measure 1.25 inches x 1.13 inches x 1 inch in width.

65 Pounds Production Capacity: The Scotsman Undercounter ice maker is an ideal choice for both production capacity and physical size. You can serve enough to an entire bar with the production of around 65 pounds of ice cubes. This machine is specially designed to be used for commercial purposes and is also perfect for any home bar. You can use this ice maker to hold any home parties or invite guests to your home. The machine can store easily around 26 pounds of ice cubes. You need to empty the ice basket to make more ice cubes.

Things We Like

  • The unit is specially designed to be used for commercial purposes
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • It is much easier to use with the help of in-built Accessible Control Panel
  • The device will prepare crystal-clear ice
  • Stylish and large ice maker

Things We Dislike

  • Expensive product

Runner Up: EdgeStar IB250SS Built-in 15-Inch Ice Maker


The EdgeStar IB250SS is another best under-counter ice makers specially designed for countertops or built within the bar. It offers the best and good ice production. Twice the average, this machine can prepare each day with a range of 20 pounds or 25 pounds of ice. The ice basket can easily hold around 20 pounds of crescent-shaped ice at a time. The main disadvantage of this machine is that it will not prepare nuggets or ice cubes from this large container. It’s longer and harder to provide better access to this ice machine for the long term.

Front Venting: The EdgeStar IB120SS under-counter ice maker will include a front-vented system or design. It is also possible to utilize this ice maker safely like a built-in ice machine. If required, it can also be utilized as a freestanding unit. The stainless steel door and black cabinet combo will make it appear modern and stylish.

Freezer Function: The storage bin of this unit will offer double the size of an integrated freezer. When compared to other ice makers, it will never leave the ice to melt much faster. For long-lasting hours, you can store the prepared ice cubes within this machine.

High Storage Capacity & Production: The IB250SS ice maker can prepare 20 pounds of ice cubes each day. It is much enough for any home to utilize during weekends or once a day. The storage bin of this machine can easily hold up to a maximum of 15 pounds of ice and loves to host with friends. You need to empty the ice basket to make more ice cubes.

Things We Like

  • It is not required to drain out the water
  • The device is much easier to install
  • It works similarly as a built-in or freestanding ice maker
  • Ice cubes will stay cold for numerous hours
  • The total capacity of 20 lbs
  • Great production and capacity

Things We Dislike

  • Technically, it is not an ideal option for an average home

Also Great: U-Line UBI95B00A Undercounter Crescent Ice Maker


The U-Line BI95B-00 Undercounter Crescent ice machine will assist users in saving electricity and also water consumption. This ice maker is one of the most trusted machines available across the online marketplace for its durable & reliable appliance. It will require below 3 gallons of water for preparing ice cubes each day around 23 lbs of ice cubes. The ice maker will help you to save more water and electricity. U-Line the icemaker will appear more classy and impressive by showcasing the all-new black design. It is a relatively smaller design and still can prepare 24 lbs of ice cubes each day.

Intuitive Control Panel: The opening orientation of this machine’s door can be reversed. It is also possible to customize the appearance of the ice maker. The U-Line BI95B-00 machine will accept the front custom panel for creating a perfect appearance in your kitchen.

Integrated Freezer: You can utilize the solid ice cubes until the machine is turned on or plugged in. The storage bin of this machine will perform similarly to a mini-freezer. Without melting, you can leave the ice cubes and utilize them for later use.

Greater Storage Capacity & Production: The BI95B-00 ice maker can prepare 23 pounds of ice cubes each day. It is much enough for any home to utilize during weekends or once a day and love to host with friends. The storage bin of this machine can easily hold around 12 pounds of ice cubes.

Things We Like

  • Each day, it can produce a capacity of 23 lbs of ice
  • The minimalistic design and durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Daily ice rate with the highest capacity
  • As per the Ice Makers Reviews or feedback, the pump is not required
  • To spare the room, it can easily fit under counters

Things We Dislike

  •  It is essential to purchase an additional water-line connection and a drain pump

Upgrade Pick: Whynter UIM-502SS Built-in/Freestanding Ice Maker


The Whynter UIM-502SS Freestanding or A built-in ice maker will complement any bar area or modern kitchen. It is made up of stainless steel material to store 25 pounds of ice and prepare around 50 pounds. The housing of stainless steel will never print or smudge the ice maker. It will keep the unit safe from tears and wear. The energy-efficient ice maker with direct plumbing will offer a constant supply of ice cubes. When compared to other ice makers, it can provide crystal clear restaurant-quality ice cubes at an affordable price. It is advisable to contact professional plumbers for assistance with installation.

Reversible Door & Stylish Design: This ice maker will offer a black cabinet and a stylish clean stainless steel door. You can make it look great by leaving this freestanding or built-in ice maker in your kitchen. Depending on space availability, you allow us to utilize the reversible door.

Gourmet Ice Cubes: The UIM-502SS unit will prepare crystal clear ice cubes similar to the restaurants & bars served types. When compared to the traditional ice cubes, these are harder, melt slower, and never dilute the drinks.

Best Production & Storage Capacity: This is another best commercial-capacity ice machine and more than enough for home use to prepare 50 pounds of ice each day. It is a handy machine and can be used while hosting parties and home events. This ice maker can also be installed in your office area. The storage bin of this ice maker can store around 25 pounds of ice cubes. Once the ice basket is full, the machine will turn off automatically.

Things We Like

  • Affordable pricing
  • The ice cubes will never melt within the machine
  • It is much easier to hook up the water line
  • Quick ice production
  • This ice maker can prepare numerous ice cubes

Things We Dislike

  • This ice maker will make a little bit of noise

EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker


The EdgeStar IB1205SS is another popular built-in ice machine that comes with a 12 lbs capacity. A refrigerated storage basket will ensure that the ice cubes are properly maintained without melting after turning on the unit. Without utilizing the permanent drain line, it can prepare or produce each day with 12 lbs of ice cubes each. This small unit will fit perfectly under most counters and is 25 inches tall. With affordable pricing, it offers an expensive look with a black body and stylish stainless-steel door. The IB120SS model meets the ADA height requirements and never requires professional installation.

Reversible Door: It is much easier to get ice cubes either way with the help of its reversible door.

Convenient Height: The unit will offer the perfect height of 25 inches to place beneath the counter along with its front vent. This model is also approved or meets the ADA complaint height requirements.

Maintains Ice Frozen: EdgeStar IB120SS product will also work as a freezer and without any drainage installation. It can also maintain the ice without melting.

Easy Operation: Just make use of the power on or off button and press the same to start or stop the ice production process. If the ice basket is full then it will automatically turn off the unit.

Easy Installation: The installation process is much easier with the help of its removable ice reservoir. It can hold around 6 pounds of ice cubes each time.

Attractive Design: The stainless steel door and black body can easily fit any home bar or modern kitchen.

Daily Ice Production: This ice maker can be compact enough for placing within a boat or in an RV. They produce an attractive and impressive capacity of crescent-shaped ice each day around 12 pounds.

Things We Like

  • It will also work as a freezer
  • Inexpensive installation
  • Front venting
  • It will not require to utilize a drain line
  • If once the ice basket is full, it will turn off the machine automatically
  • Affordable pricing

Things We Dislike

  • Regularly, you should defrost the ice maker

Sunpentown IM-150US Undercounter Ice Makers


The Sunpentown IM-150US under-counter ice maker is entirely different when compared to other models across the online marketplace. Apart from ice production, the unit will keep the ice cubes from melting for numerous hours. Within the available built-in freezer, the storage bin or ice basket is properly located. This could be another important reason for purchasing this unit for your home purposes. Most of them will not require utilizing the entire ice cube at once. It is always handy to store the prepared ice cubes for future use. Instead of preparing the new ice cubes, it is advisable to utilize the stored ice cubes. For storing the ice, it is not required to use any precious refrigerator space.

Built-in Freezer: This is another excellent feature of the unit for storing the prepared ice cubes for numerous hours. It is not required to drain the felt-out melted water or the ice cubes won’t melt.

Reversible Door with Stylish Design: The stainless-steel door will blend this ice maker to fit perfectly within the cabinetry. The reversible door can be positioned to be used depending on your personal preferences and kitchen design.

Freestanding or Built-in Design: Make use of the Sunpentown IM-150US unit like a freestanding or a built-in ice maker. The machine will function properly with the help of its front ventilation installed beneath the kitchen counter. The dimensions or measurements of this unit are 25 inches height x 18 inches depth x 15 inches width.

Best Production & Storage Capacity: Within 24 hours, the unit can prepare crescent-shaped ice cubes around 12 lbs capacity. Half the large amount of the ice cubes is properly held within the storage bin. Once the ice basket is full, it will turn off the machine automatically.

Things We Like

  •  Reversible door
  • Affordable pricing
  •  Impressive & attractive unit
  • Front exhaust
  • Freestanding or Built-in application

Things We Dislike

  • Small Ice production

Manitowoc UYF0310A Neo Undercounter Ice Machine


If you think of energy consumption then the Manitowoc UYF0310A Neo Undercounter Ice Maker is an ideal choice for you. This unit is energy-star-rated and is perfect to fit within any home bar or kitchen counter. The ice maker will include a slating bin front and also an easy glide door for access. Without moving or shifting the unit, you can easily perform the maintenance work. The overall storage capacity of this under-counter ice machine will be around 90 lbs. It can easily prepare up to a maximum of 132 lbs of full dice or regular or half ice cubes. You can process conveniently and easily to control the unit using the fingerprint-resistant front panel.

Serviceability: Simply access the components by sliding the gin to make servicing hassle-free and easy.

Air Filter with Dishwasher-Safe: Any air contaminants, grease, and Lint are filtered out properly using the dishwasher-safe, pop-out, and easily accessible Air Filter.

Included with Ergonomic Scoop: Make use of the large capacity scoop ergonomically designed to easily retrieve the ice cubes.

EZ Glide Door: Users can slide the reversible door for obstruction-free and easy access ice scooping.

Intelligent Display: The LED-lit display is universally recognized and allows the users to turn on or off the ice maker. If once the ice bin is full, the unit is placed under cleaning mode. It will suspend the ice preparation process for 24, 12, or 4 hours.

Things We Like

  •  It will work quietly
  •  Compact
  • Sturdy & Strong built
  • The unit will prepare ice cubes quickly and easily
  •  It is much easier to setup

Things We Dislike

  • Require a professional plumber for installation (plumbing service)

Undercounter Ice Makers – Buying Guide

Storage Capacity: It is important to consider the number of ice cubes that can be contained in the ice maker. For commercial purposes, the best under-counter ice machine will offer enough space for storing the required ice cubes. The storage capacity will be around 5 pounds of ice for serving the outdoor party or a dinner gathering. It should be sufficient to serve around 7 to 10 people.

ADA Compliance: To utilize an ice maker within the office workspace or environment may require using commercial ice makers. It is essential to consider the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant design to choose the appropriate model.

Water Filter: Some of the under-counter ice makers will include an in-built water filter to use. Sediment and even other containments are removable by these filtration systems before the water freezes. It will make healthier ice cubes for consumption to enhance the overall smell and as well as taste. If your ice maker doesn’t include a water filter option then you need to purchase additional ones to use.

Energy Efficiency: You should purchase an energy-efficient ice maker to reduce your energy bills or as an eco-conscious consumer. The energy-efficient unit will work on the materials utilized within the evaporator plate or many more. You must check the described Energy Star rating to get the best ice maker for home purposes. These ice makers will save electricity usage by 15% and are also more energy-efficient when compared to other products.

Style & Look: Ice makers are available in different finishes, materials, and colors. They offer minimalist designs such as stainless steel, black, and white finishes. However, some units are also available in alternative materials such as wood or brighter colors. It is ideal to select the best ice machine that provides an overall aesthetic to your kitchen or room.

Maintenance & Installation: Before purchasing the best ice maker, you need to consider its maintenance & installation requirements. How much easier to install the unit or whether you need to perform any maintenance? Is it easy and also effortless to clean the components?

Drain Options: Most of the ice makes must utilize a plumbing service for draining into a line. The created ice will eventually melt and be replaced continuously to create new ice. It is essential to drain out the water that comes out from the melted ice. Some ice machines will work as a freezer for keeping or maintaining the ice. However, these ice makers will never require or need a drain line.

Affordability: By default, pricing is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing any product. Some ice makers available across the market will cost $300 up to a maximum of $10,000. The best value ice makers can be purchased with affordable pricing within $2,000. Expensive products are more powerful and can offer impressive ice production rates.

Size: Size is another worth considering factor to purchasing the best under-counter ice maker. Portable ice makers are much easier to use, more lightweight, and also smaller. First, choose your preferred location and measure the right dimension to purchase the best ice maker.

Ice Types: You should also consider the different ice types prepared by the ice maker. Ice cubes are created in different sizes and shapes, ranging from large cubes to shaved ice. Different ice types will be suited for various tasks. Flake ice is impressive and excellent to use for snow cones. However, they are not good to use for cooling beverages.


During hot summer, plenty of ice with a cold drink will make our life’s great pleasure. Since ice is another essential item we are used to it or within the summer heights. It is important to purchase an under-counter ice machine for your office or home to gain numerous benefits. These ice machines are convenient and super tools to prepare a large number of ice cubes in a short duration. Sunpentown IM-150US Undercounter Ice Maker is one of the best under-counter ice machines to include an in-built ice freezer to use.

Whynter UIM-502SS Built-in/Freestanding Ice Maker will include the drain hose, water hose, and ice scoop for access. EdgeStar IB250SS Built-in 15-inch Ice Maker is another best unit to hold 20 pounds of ice cubes at a time. These machines are solid construction, have larger capacities, and include a stronger motor when compared to portable ice makers. It will work more efficiently and never make more noise or take up extra space. If you prefer to purchase the under-counter ice machine then refer to the above-mentioned article for further assistance.

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